Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Personal Art Gallery

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artist #1

the fashion illustrator that i love is one of the best in my opinion!she make beautiful paintings mainly of people with cute outfits on. very creative.her name is Meredith Corning. You should look her up sometime.she does fashion illustration and many more things that have to do with fashion. And now her dreams of being a fashionista  have finally come true, To her beliefs she says her items are not good but they are just perfect.I am also rather close to this artist we are almost like sisters.


#1 Q: Why do you like to draw fashion illustrations?
#1 A: "I like to get inspired by what i like to see around me and draw those things, and be able to draw something beautiful."

#2 Q: what inspires you?
#2 A: " currently im very inspired by the ocean and its creatures- the movement the flow and all of the vibrant colors inspire me to create designs."

#3 Q: How did you start?
#3 A: " I started out just painting and I really thought children's illustrations were what I wanted to do and then i learned more about fashion illustrations and I took a different route."

Art contest
hey guys im back! and im changing my entire blog! yea yea celebrity's are cool but think about the arts. No literally ART! I am having and art contest! whoever can draw the best fourth of July bunny will be featured on YouTube, and on my blog right here starts from the 22nd to the 30th. And be creative!!!!!! my email is: and leave me your name or if you don't me to use your real name make up a username! hope to some winners!